“And for how long do you think we can keep this goddamn coming and going?”

Love in the Time of Cholera

Gabriel García Márquez

Love in the Time of Tinder is a personal vision of romantic relationships in today’s world.

To explore this concept, I build monochromatic red sets in which a male model and I enact a performance. This gives me the opportunity to probe the limits and expressions of my own body, allowing it to interact with an imagined, symbolic, and yet everyday environment that bears parallels with my personal life.

The images, with a tinge of the surreal, inject some humor into reflections on romantic bonds in the era of constant consumption in which priority is given to the disposable. We consume objects, fashion, experiences, and people. We want to try everything and try it NOW!

I once read an interview in which a journalist asked an elderly couple, “What is the secret to staying together for 65 years? “The woman answered, “We were born at a time when if something broke, you fixed it; you didn’t throw it away.”

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