My current work follows on a wide-ranging exploration of artistic disciplines, from photography (both as documentary and fine art) to experimental theater and Japanese butoh dance.

Formally and conceptually, I am attracted to surrealism for its ability to start dialogues with the hidden corners inside all of us, allowing us to look inwardly, to grow, and finally to deconstruct our convictions and realities.

What interests me is delving into the psychology of my most intimate, interior selves. My work thus builds a bridge between the conscious and the subconscious, exploring the fusion of obsessions, fears, frustrations, passions, and, ultimately, the emotions that live within me. Photography—with a tinge of the existentialist—emerges as the encapsulation of a number of different disciplines, including performance, installation, and self-portraiture.

In creating my work, I consider it essential to appear as a model in some of my images. This gives me the opportunity to probe the limits and expressions of my own body, allowing it to interact with an imagined, symbolic, and yet everyday environment that bears parallels with my personal and spiritual life. Symbols both archetypal and personal abound in my visual language, coming to me intuitively as visions that I reveal little by little, as if hieroglyphics of my psyche.

As an artist, by exposing and abandoning myself in the construction of my images, I try to convey my belief in the universality of emotions, and that it is this universality that unites us despite our most intense differences. I start with myself and my own feelings in order to move outward toward something broader, in communion with what makes us all human.

Strictly speaking, my aim is not for the viewer to decipher or understand my work. I am happy if it opens up a space in their minds for new images to confront or comfort them. I aspire to make what I feel resonate in other bodies, and for each viewer to formulate their own questions.

What this constant curiosity leads to is that each of my images springs from a question and leads into another one. Questions are more interesting to me than answers, since they retain my curiosity in the everyday, at first glance banal, but which can be broken down to its constituent parts and lead to the discovery of a transcendent meaning, thus making it all the more moving.

This is the engine that drives me to create, while also expanding my sights, transforming my perception, and helping me push against the tedium of the routine.